a DUDEZ productions soundtrack (1999-2004)

a DUDEZ productions soundtrack (1999-2004)

UNTAMED MELODIES is due start of DECEMBER 2004

Untamed Melodies: A DUDEZ Productions Soundtrack (1999-2004)
CD • sis04001

December 2004, Spider Island Sound
Tempe Entertainment

Act I: Night Songs
01 tick-tock eyes (edit)
02 forever young (feat. b.kelly)*
03 until i sleep (flash mix)
04 stuck inside a big machine
Act II: The Feral Man
05 addicted
06 beauty (last edit)
07 unblinkingly
08 hex
Act III: The Bonesetter
09 ten two seven
10 dragons
11 ultra (dub)
12 juliet’s blood (skyline mix)
Act IV: Final Curtain
13 someone in the mirror
14 down (dub)
15 a winding road (edit)
16 resonate
17 forever young (alterations mix)*
18 stuck inside a big machine (d&b; mix)
19 unblinkingly (rapid eye mix)
all streaming clips are :30 128Kbps MP3

Untamed Melodies – Matt Carty presents a 19 track collection showcasing songs and remixes from the films of Brett Kelly (DUDEZ Productions).
With songs that span over a 5 year period (1999-2004), this soundtrack indcludes styles ranging from moody cinematic pieces to punchy and dynamic electronic rock.
For more information on the films or to check out more music from DUDEZ productions, check out the official dudez website.